Class Name of educators Medium being used
K2.Q1 Ms. Ann Marie Scerri Grasso

Ms. Hayley Lanzon

MySchool on Ilearn

K 2.2 Q


Ms Natalina Saliba


Ilearn Announcement

K2.Q3 Charmaine Pisani KGE –

Justine Borg LSE

My School on I Learn
K2.Q4 Joanna Testa (KGE) MySchool on Ilearn
K2.Q5 Ms.Moira Sciberras

Ms Vincianne

Announcements through My School
K2.Q6 Vashti Darmanin MySchool Portal
K2.7Q Ms. Anna-Marie Muscat Ilearn Announcement
K 2.1 Ms Amanda Camilleri Ilearn Announcement
K 2.2 Ms.Joyce Grech

 Ms.Erica Grech

Ilearn Announcement
K 2.3 Ms.Sandra Galea

Ms.Caroline Saliba (LSE)

Ilearn Announcement
K 2.4 Ms Chantelle Camilleri

LSE: Ms Jennifer Cremona

Ilearn Announcement
K 2.5 Ms Charlene Agius Ilearn Announcement
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