At Maria Regina College St. Paul’s Bay Primary we commit ourselves to educate every child holistically regardless of gender, nationality, belief and ability in a warm, stimulating and challenging environment.

In collaboration with parents and the community we strive to equip all children with the necessary skills, knowledge and values enabling them to become autonomous and responsible citizens ready to evolve in a fast changing world.

The school aims:

1. To provide a welcoming, happy and caring atmosphere where each child, whatever his/her background, feels secure, safe and appreciated, fostering a strong sense of pride and belonging in a democratic culture.

2. To provide children with a broad-based integrated curriculum with aesthetic development and sportsmanship opportunities and extra-curricular experiences ensuring quality education through the development of the full person.

3. To emphasize high expectations, quality teaching and learning strategies that stimulate and challenge children’s learning, recognize and address individual differences and equip them with a repertoire of skills that provide them for lifelong learning and for the opportunities and experiences of life.

4.  To provide an inclusive education rallying all possible support from parents, the community, multi-disciplinary teams and outside agencies to help children in their learning process.

5.  To develop a professional and proactive team leading to an efficient and effective school, ensuring on-going staff development and evaluation of the school’s development plans and performance.

6.  To foster a climate of entrepreneurship tapping and generating funds and making optimal use of the available resources, physical and human.

The school also aims to collaborate with other schools within the College framework.

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