Class Name of educators Medium being used
K1.1S and K1.2S


Ms. Jessica Bonnici, Ms. Sharon Darmanin,

Class Assistant: Ms. Ritienne Mizzi

Class Dojo (This class has been using the Class Dojo so parents already know how to use it). 

Contact Ms. Jessica and Ms. Sharon on to get access to Class Dojo

K1.3S and K1.4S Ms Eve  , Ms Carmen Fenech

Class Assistant: Ms. Anna Vassallo

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K1.5S and K1.6S Ms. Ruth Farrugia, Ms. Kim Vella

Class Assistant: Ms. Sephora Ellul

Contact Ms. Ruth and Ms. Kim on to get access to Class Dojo
K1.7S Ms. Maureen Tanti

Class Assistant: Ms. Doreen


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K1.8S Ms Celine Calleja

LSE: Charmaine Fava Zerafa

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K1.1Q, K1.2Q


Ms. Marygrace Horvat Cardona, Ms. Christiana Debono

Class Assistant: Ms. Jolene Debattista, LSE: Ms. Maria Saliba

Class Dojo

Contact Ms. Mary Grace on to get access to Class Dojo

Contact Ms. Christiana on to get access to Class Dojo.

K1.3Q, K1.4Q Ms. Queenie Camilleri, Ms. Vanessa Bonnici

Class Assistant: Ms. Carol Muscat

Email to parents
K1.5Q, K1.6Q Ms. Rebecca Micallef, Ms. Kelly Barbara

Class Assistant: Ms. Denise Barber

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K1.7Q Ms. Valonia Darmanin

Class Assistant: Ms. Doreen Vassallo

 MySchool Portal
K1.8Q, K1.9Q Ms. Christina Medati, Ms. Kirsten Debono,

Class Assistant: Ms. Milena

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