St. Paul’s Bay Primary has been awarded the European Language Label 2019. This label was awarded for the project ‘Happy Together’ where we described the ongoing methods and innovative practices to teach Maltese to all the children at our school. 

The school currently has 1100 students, with 170 members of staff to support them. In addition, Malta has been attracting more and more foreigners, with the result that almost three-quarters of St. Paul’s Bay Primary School students are non-Maltese natives. Indeed, the school houses 55 different nationalities, mainly from Europe and North Africa.

Given the circumstances, the students’ knowledge of Maltese varies greatly, and the school must accommodate all of them: help those without any knowledge of the language, support those who speak it moderately, and raise the level of those who speak it well. 

Our project was also featured on Europe’s online platform for Education. Click here to read more. 

Ms. Josette Dalmas (Head of School) and Mr. Mark Azzopardi (Asst. Head of School) receiving the European Language Label.

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